It all started when I was in the National University of Singapore. In freshman year, I got bored and joined all the possible curricular activities (aka CCA) possible. One of it is an underwater robotic competition. I left every other CCAs and I ended up spending all my summer holidays preparing and training for this competition. From there, I learned that focus and perseverance is very important.

My time in the team taught me many great lessons and observations. Working towards a same goal helps to keep the spirit strong when things go wrong. I believed that passion plays a role as well.

Then I graduated and started working. At work, I observed many things. People of all ages work. Their stories from their experience left me a deep impression about work. Slowly, I suspect that passion doesn't play the complete role and I ought to find out more because admittedly, we all are workers in any ways.

We often hear people complain about their work and that's okay but what if we start to discuss how can it be better? That's why I started writing about workplace. Of course, I do write about other things. 




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