A good day defined by me


You’re lying on a bed. The pillow is just nice, its soft white cotton cover was just replaced yesterday with a new one. The room temperature is just nice. Not too cold, not too hot.

You had a good sleep yesterday after a good laugh with your family member about some silly things that happened while you’re on a family trip a few years back. Thomas was chased by a trash panda and fell into a pool, you ended up having late dinner because he had to dry up but it’s okay cause that’s how most memorable memories are formed.

You remember shedding tears in front of him for the first time when he was adjusting your necktie, at his commencement ceremony. Sitting at the front row, you hardly comprehend anything while he was giving his valedictorian speech because you’re so overwhelmed with emotions. Jane gave you a kiss and you noticed her wrinkles, but she’s still as beautiful as the first time you met.

It’s almost a week now since you’re here. A week is not too long cause your past 82 years had been a good one. You understood that death is the fate of biological creatures, and accepted it. Life was up and down, not glorious all the time but you understand that life’s a roller coaster. You have been forgiven and you have forgiven. You learn that it’s that simple to be happy.

You remembered that 40 years ago, you were thinking of yourself in this moment. You were afraid but you asked yourself an important question. You felt contented now because you did not regret taking chances. The first company didn’t work but the third took off. All because you believed in what you do and Jane’s the pillar of support. You remember that you missed a big contract as you’re rushing to welcome Thomas from the nursery but it’s okay cause he is priceless.

You suddenly feel a grip on your hand. It’s Sarah’s hand. She has been holding your cold hand since you woke up. You can hardly hear what she’s saying. But it’s okay. You know it’s reassuring words. Sarah has an accomplished career and is now an advocate. There’s nothing else that makes you more proud.

You know you will be reunited with Jane soon. You recalled the day your heart was truly broken and you cried like a baby. It’s been a while since you’re able to bring her white lilies after you fell down at home. Your life has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. You were angry at first, but you chose to be grateful later on because you’re given another few years, some don’t.

Ethan & Sophia are still playing around. They’re fascinated by the green lines going up and down on the heartbeat monitor. Their voice and laughter is just soothing. “Mommy mommy, where is grandpa going?”. Sarah reassures them that you’re going a wonderful place. Sarah places your hand on their innocent soft cheeks and you gave them another smile.

It’s getting quieter and colder now. A good time to sleep. You need a good rest. You close your dry eyes, not before you take a look at your family. For one last time.

Slowly, you know that it has been a good day, and a good life.

Ken Teylife