Do you feel safe at work?

Just a few months ago, my colleague had his left hand burnt by a hot metal plate that was exposed at customer's production site. His burn was as long as a ruler because it was a water pipe carrying steam. Luckily, his wound healed nicely as he took proper care of it. 


Safety at work is one of the most important aspect of our work life. We often read news of accidents at workplace. Workers are injured and sometimes killed by lack of supervision or carelessness. Employers who do not care much simply treat workers as expendables.  At the same time, we took so much effort in setting up comprehensive safety rules and risk assessments. Those who has been in the workforce for a long time know all these too well. More often than not, these paperwork are done for the sake of formalities rather than having real concern of safety.


But the other safety that I want to talk about is not physical safety. Another safety that we all left out too often is psychological safety. Do you really feel safe at work? 


Here's what feeling safe at work is like:


+Feeling safe at work means when you make mistakes, you know that it is not the end and mistakes will be forgiven as a mean of improvement. Everyone learns from it. 


+Feeling safe at work means your progress is not measured by how many products you can do in a period of time but rather how much you have improved over your own benchmark.


+Feeling safe at work means your colleague will not try to bring you down to save themselves because you are part of a team, not competition. 


+Feeling safe at work means your boss treats you more like a family rather than just a number. 


+Feeling safe at work also means someone will stand up for you when they know you are right rather than keeping quiet.


+Feeling safe at work also means that you trust that your team is doing its best rather than believing rumors. 


Isn't it sad that we seldom define what it mean to be psychologically safe at work? In our materialistic world, we try to put down everything in numbers that is traceable and often forget that some human aspects are lost in translation. 


Let's make our workplace safe and sound. No one wants to go to work feeling afraid and uncertain. 

Ken Teywork culture